Love what you do
By GAPS  •  October 11, 2018
“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!” We’ve all heard this all-too-common cliché too many times to keep track by this point. People hang it up on their walls and desks, printed on t-shirts and stuck to the bumpers of their cars. Young graduates in particular are inundated with this adage, as if it’s somehow the only relevant piece of advice they need to make the transition into the workforce ...

Make the most of your messages
By GAPS  •  June 5, 2018
All seasoned recruiters are very familiar with the cold call, but these days the preferred method of first contact of most has transitioned to the (electronically) written word. Recruiters are constantly reaching out to new candidates via email and other platforms like LinkedIn’s InMail messaging. The question is: Are you hearing back? ...

For better business relationships, treat them like personal ones
By Tricia Tamkin & Jason Thibeault  •  March 27, 2018
Building relationships in business and in your personal life are very similar. There are some things you should do for the most success. And given today's theme is helping people, here are several tips to help you build strong business relationships ...

Flexibility - the recruiter's key to unlocking more revenue, fresh talent, and happy clients
By Tim Bell  •  January 30, 2018
For sustaining success, independent recruiters must take advantage of the “candidate’s quest for flexibility” trend that is especially popular among the millennial generation (23-34 year-olds), currently the largest segment of the global workforce ...

Changes to employment laws arrive nationwide
By GAPS  •  October 28, 2017
It is an essential responsibility of all recruiters to remain updated on the latest developments in public policies regarding recruiting and employment. This September, over ten state legislatures were in
session ...

Social media as a search method
By GAPS  •  June 27, 2017
At least ninety-three percent of recruiters currently use, or plan to use, social media. For better or worse, social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become ingrained in our life and society, and with that - the recruiting process ...

Random acts of kindness
By GAPS  •  August 28, 2018
Clienteling is a word for a simple strategy that has been around for a very long time (even though spell check doesn’t recognize it yet!). The word suggests a revival of the “old fashioned” way of doing business: building personal relationships with each client, staying in touch regularly, writing thank you notes, remembering birthdays and family events ...

Video is the new black
By GAPS  •  April 15, 2018
Last year, LinkedIn followed in the footsteps of other social networks - such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - by allowing members to post everyone’s new favorite type of content: video. Although it initially appeared to be an unspectacular (and somewhat unoriginal) update, video content has begun to revolutionize LinkedIn - for the better ...

Four hot topics your client prospects WILL want to talk about
By Kathleen Kurke  •  March 11, 2018
If you’re calling prospects and telling them “I’ve got a guy for you,” it’s likely they’re not answering the phone or returning your call. This isn't what your prospects care about, think about, or talk about inside their own organization, so they’ll likely see no value to talking about those topics with you ...

Global Expansion - What to Expect & How to Prepare
By Tim Bell  •  January 12, 2018
Deciding to expand business operations into another country is never done lightly, and the hard choices and requirements for careful planning continue once you enter your new territory. The secret to a successful expansion is remarkably simple: effective planning ...

Is a degree enough?
By GAPS  •  August 9, 2017
As college education becomes increasingly commonplace, the new members of the workforce are more educated than ever before. However, many companies still bemoan the lack of practical skills among this demographic ...

New York City becomes third district to ban salary history questions
By GAPS  •  June 7, 2017
New York City will become the third jurisdiction of the United States to consider an inquiry into the salary history of a prospective employee an “unlawful discriminatory practice” ...


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