By GAPS  •  April 15, 2018

Last year, LinkedIn followed in the footsteps of other social networks - such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - by allowing members to post everyone’s new favorite type of content: video. Although it initially appeared to be an unspectacular (and somewhat unoriginal) update, video content has begun to revolutionize LinkedIn - for the better.

Over the past year, LinkedIn members, like most other people, have become addicted to posting videos. Most members use the native video function to make themselves stand out to potential employers, to share insights and knowledge or even just for fun. While many still debate the use of LinkedIn as a social network to be social on, many have succeeded in combining the two in a positive way with videos.

After videos caught on among professionals (AKA LinkedIn users), LinkedIn rolled out the feature for company pages as well. Now, companies are able to share videos both on their company pages and within sponsored content posts.

Videos shared on company pages are quite similar to those shared on member pages: they supply information to those people already connected with the profile. Companies have been posting videos to share their products, missions and more with their followers. Video content has been shown to increase engagement among pre-existing followers, naturally along with acquiring new ones.

Videos in sponsored content posts, however, are what will likely have the greatest impact on LinkedIn for employers and brands. LinkedIn claims that users spend three times more time watching videos than engaging with text- and image-based content, but that’s no surprise. Now, companies can engage directly with those who may not be familiar with their brand in what has proven itself to be the most captivating of ways.

While this feature has not been fully released yet, LinkedIn has reported that 80% of the companies using sponsored videos in beta have seen an increase in post engagement and contact via InMail. Numbers like that just don’t lie!

Audi, GE and Philips are among those companies who were lucky enough to take advantage of this feature before its official release, but the feature will be made available to everyone in the coming weeks. What does this mean for recruiters and our clients?

As mentioned, videos are now frequently used by job-seekers to capture employers’ attention, but they can just as easily be used by firms and recruiters to attract applicants. Here are a couple of ways you can use video to attract more quality candidates faster:

  1. Provide a company culture video showing what it’s like to work at your firm; it can present how a company really is better than a written description ever could. Not only is a video focused on day-to-day life, mission statements, company culture and history an engaging and experiential way to get quality candidates interested in your firm, but it can be another method to ensure that there is a “cultural match” between the company and candidate.
  2. Use a video to highlight the best of a position. Job-seekers have realized that videos are the truest way to differentiate oneself online, and it’s time that we start doing so as well! Video-based job descriptions, which thoroughly introduce as well as promote a position, are a surefire way to increase the quality and quantity of your candidates.
  3. Show off satisfied current employees. There is no one better to introduce what it’s like to work at X company or in X position than someone who is already doing it (and loving it!). The employees should talk about what working for this firm is like, projects and accomplishments they’re proud of, their favorite parts of the job and the like. These short video profiles can show candidates the great aspects of a job from a trustworthy source as well as who they could potentially be working with.

Apparently, only 18% of employers have begun to use video content to hook new candidates despite the fact that video will soon account for 80% of Internet traffic. LinkedIn’s addition of the feature is only yet another sign that video is the way of the future (for digital content, that is). If you haven’t yet employed videos as a promotional tool for yourself and your brand, now is the time!


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