By GAPS  •  June 27, 2017

At least ninety-three percent of recruiters currently use, or plan to use, social media. For better or worse, social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become ingrained in our life and society, and with that - the recruiting process.

Naturally, every recruiter is an avid user of LinkedIn, the social media site that was designed just for us! However, as the world grows more and more reliant on social media of all kinds, the most successful recruiters should know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to find new potential candidates.

First, familiarize yourself with each site or app. Construct a solid profile - most importantly, with clear photos and descriptions highlighting yourself and your career. Ensuring that you have a professional and well-put-together Internet presence before you start scouring is highly important.

Promote yourself and, if applicable, your firm. Connect with successful past candidates and have them provide you with positive references on their experience with you. Allow them to spread the word themselves, if they’re willing. Good candidates often run in the same circles.

Once your profile is in order, start using advanced search options to source candidates. Always be sure to search in the proper location. Then, begin to familiarize yourself with the keywords, types of users and especially the hashtags associated with candidates in your field. Give preference to users who also have professional-looking profiles, as employers are sure to check into this as well.

In addition to the typical route of searching for people directly, you must also be creative, determined and innovative when using social media. For example, if you are searching for an engineer in Pittsburgh, search Facebook for groups of engineers in this location or fan pages of professional societies and look through their members or followers.

Regarding Twitter, use the search functions to find candidates and other recruiters in the appropriate field and location. Then, observe the common hashtags used by many, and apply these to your own Tweets, allowing you to quickly get your short message out and connect with several people at once.

Once you have found a potential candidate, use social media to evaluate if they are a cultural fit to the position and company in question. Social media is a great way to get a general grasp of someone’s interests, personality, history and social circle. However, first impressions are not everything, do not eliminate potentially great fits because of a questionable or lacking social media presence.

The use of social media, while often an investment of time, is now very important in the recruiting process. Becoming accustomed to a social media platform as well as building a solid profile take both time and effort. In the end, these efforts will pay off in this increasingly digital age.

As we are certain you will want to learn more on this vital topic, stay tuned for future GAPS events highlighting the most effective searching methods on social media.


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